Hikari Highlights

My predecessor, Jessica, started a magazine for the students in her (our) four schools. Sarah, the other ALT hired by my board of education, is involved with the project as well. The two of them named the monthly ‘magazine’ Hikari Highlights and fill with interviews, English word games, fun happenings around Hikari and other great learning tools for junior high students. It aims to help them practice their existing vocabulary while expanding it, as well – in a fun way, of course! I’m excited to continue on with the project and add my style and ideas to it. In a meeting I had with the mayor last week, he expressed his excitement about Hikari Highlights and his hope that I will continue it. It’s right up my alley – of course I will! I have ideas for the “Back to School” issue for September, and I’m working on putting them together. It will take me a few months, I’m sure, to get the English to an appropriate level where the students can understand, but I have Sarah here to help me with that!

For the last issue before Summer, Jessica interviewed me. The students response was positive, I hear; they said I have a “nice, big smile,” which makes them less nervous to meet me. I’ll take it!

Here’s that interview…

Interview with an ALT

(Internet Fail: I can’t figure out how to put it in as an image, so you have to click on it and download it to see)

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~ by C on August 17, 2009.

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