Halloween: Foreigners on the Loose!

A few weeks ago (was it already almost 2 weeks ago?!) we JETs brought Halloween to the ‘Guch!

For two weeks prior to Halloween, I taught my students about Halloween in America. I had pictures, used easy words, played games and, mainly, acted out everything we do on Halloween. I got lots of laughs and only a few kids slept – so when I asked at the end of every class, “Would you like celebrating Halloween?!” I expected cheers of excitement. Lots of candy, lots of games, costumes – what’s NOT to love about Halloween for a kid?!

Instead, they all gave me blank stares… and when I prodded them (sort of gently) for an answer… they all looked at me in terror and shook their heads no. “It sounds… scary!” one brave kid said. The other students talked to each other, and when I pretended I could understand Japanese, they were saying, “Come up with a costume… on your own? It would be bad if other people were wearing the same thing? That sounds simply preposterous!”

But alas, they enjoyed the lesson and I doubt Halloween will ever come to Japan – SO, I made up for my disappointment by celebrating it enough for ALL of them as well as myself!

I worked with our Yamaguchi AJET (Association of JETs) team to put together a Halloween party. We had it at Mike’s, a Mexican restauarnt (maybe my favorite restaurant in the prefecture) in Iwakuni. Iwakuni is 45 minutes by train… east (?) of me towards Hiroshima. The managers/owner of Mike’s made a great deal with us – for 4000yen/person (about $45), we had the entire space to ourselves from 7pm-10pm, nomihodai (all you can drink) tequila shots, beer and margaritas (dangerous!), and a set, all you can eat, menu. I could live off their homemade chips and salsa until I physically exploded and died and could no longer… if that were an option. 🙂

My friend Callie and I went as Beyonce from her music video, “Single Ladies.” This is one of those moments in my life that I will look back on in 5 years and STILL be embarrassed, asking myself for the millionth time, “WHAT was I thinking?!” All Beyonce wears is a leotard, pantyhose and stilettos. Finding this outfit in Japan was hard enough – wearing it was another feat altogether. The margaritas definitely helped!


Callie and me, showing the rings off in our "Single Ladies" costumes. (Thanks, Callie for the pic!)

The party was also a celebration for our friend Tiffany’s 25th birthday! She came as a damn good cop – she arrested people alll night!


The birthday girl's fiance Alex went as a Japanese vending machine. Japanese vending machines are notorious for selling EVERYTHING (including, no lies, used underwear!).His costume was great!

We had a costume contest, too. Callie and I were only against one other group (a robot and his controller) for “Best Group/Couple.” We were absolutely certain we would win. When the time came, we prematurely prepared to stand up… and LOST.

And right as we were feeling our most bummed, when the robot and the controller were taking the ‘stage’ to accept their prize, one of the guys at the party jumped up and shouted, “WHATEVER!” – points at us – “THEIRS IS THE BEST COSTUME OF THE YEAR!”– Reminiscent of the Taylor Swift/Kanye West incident at the Video Music Awards this year (Taylor won best video of the year, and Kanye so awfully interrupted her in the middle of her speech to say that Beyonce should have won for “Single Ladies”). It was hilarious and totally worth losing for that moment.

After the contest, we danced the night away – with such classics as “Thriller” and, of course, the “Cha Cha Slide.”


Everybody following the instructions to "get low" in the "Cha Cha Slide." My favorites are Tigger (Eric) and the penguin (Brent).

And because I have no shame, I will give you our “Single Ladies” dance video. The song came on, and Callie and I broke out the minute we knew of it (it is a HARD dance!). And even then, we totally forgot part of it.

First – the real Beyonce video – (you only need the first 35-40 seconds)

…and now… please don’t hold this against me. (Caution: This is what happens when Single Ladies become silly, drunk ladies. Do not try this at home!)

(we look just like the real thing, don’t we?! :))

And some other fun pictures from the night —


Hawaiian Tiff came as Lilo and was adorable!


I got caught in a ray of sunshine from my girl Kris! 🙂


It's a Tiiiiiigggerrr sandwich! Eric, who is from Kentucky and makes me feel like I'm at home every time he talks - made a perfect Tigger!


Tiffany tries to arrest the suicidal penguin! hahaha One of my favorite pictures. I have no clue where Brent from this penguin costume, but it was awesome!


Tiffany, Callie and me - ending the night on a strong note!

We didn’t have all the American goblins and gremlins and English movies and MNMs to go with it – but we definitely had a great Halloween in Japan!

HAPPY (very, very belated) HALLOWEEN!!!


Next post: I think I’ll turn back the hands of time once again and tell the tale of Callie’s and my Okinawan adventure!

Thanks to everyone for staying with me, even though it has been so long. I got up to 18 readers yesterday – that’s almost 20 – which is like 18 people more than I’ve ever had read my blog! Thanks! 🙂

~ by C on November 12, 2009.

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