Lessons from a Lesson Plan

Sometimes, I learn about being an American from the lesson plans my JTEs send me.

This is a note for me in the plan for today:

“If we have enough time, please talk something about Christmas, the place you went in Japan, rodeo, anything OK.”

The rodeo, you say? Yes, my fellow Americans and I took our guns there last week and roped some bulls and shot some do-no-gooders!

Somehow, these generalized ideas about what it means to be an American that permeate my daily life here… make me a little prouder to be an American.

Probably because it turns out America doesn’t have the monopoly I thought we had on stereotyping and marginalizing other cultures, which reminds me of something a great puppet from a musical once said – everyone’s a little bit racist, sometimes.

This made my morning – hope it made you smile, too 🙂

Now stop reading this and go fight some Indians!

~ by C on December 10, 2009.

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