Okinawa ’09: Epicturelogue

EISA! Eisa drumming is to Okinawa what taiko is to the mainland of Japan. I hoped upon hoped that we would come across it while we were there, and sure enough, we saw a festival (we later found out was a green/earth/environment rally) going on on the street and jumped off the bus we were on to see it. The drumming was amazing. Check out the video (NOT great quality - I'm sorry!!!) to hear some of it!

This guy was in front of us at the festival/rally. ...Best caption wins a rice cracker! 😉

We went for dinner one night at a great Italian place. We asked our server for tips on where to go dancing. She told us about a club just below the restaurant. She came back five minutes later and sheepishly said, "I'm sorry. They don't allow foreigners." Whoaaa first instance of blatant discrimination for these white girls! When we passed the club as we left, they had this collage out front. Seems they only play American music... Paradoxical or hypocritical? Take your pick! (::sidenote: we know that it's probably due to negative feelings towards foreigners - particularly Americans - because of the unwanted military presence. The majority of the only crimes on Okinawa in the past several decades have been from mlitary stationed there)

On the way to finding a club that would accept us, we came across this, uh, set up, in a window outside of a fine wine and dining restaurant! Here in Okinawa, they call the epidemic Swine Screw.

We boogied the night away at the Boogie Building. We didn't realize that it wasn't just the name that would take us back to the '50s, '60s and '70s...

It was a locals club. We walked in on a packed bar and empty dance floor. They definitely did play American music... '50s sock-hop and swing dance music! We did what we do best, and busted a move. We started swing dancing with each other and grabbing the locals to dance with us until everyone was swingin'!

Sweaty after gettin' the party started.

By the end of the night, the owners were buying us drinks, asking us to come back and we were swing-dancin' fools. We left drunk on life, and I had a brief love affair with a South African poster.

Our last day, we made another new friend in our hotel. Her name is Gina, and she also teaches English in Japan. We tried to go to dinner with her, and by accident (truthfully!) we ended up at ANOTHER of Sam's 7 steakhouses on the island. Alls well that eats well!

The Naha Castle. If I have one regret of this trip, it's that we didn't make enough time for it. We got to the castle right as it was closing; the guard let us in the gates to take a quick photo, but we couldn't go in the actual castle. Even in the dark, it was... well, I have no words. It was just really frikkin cool. Callie and I are being the sheisa that guard the gates.

The final thing we did in Okinawa? Eat at Pinkberry! The entire trip was filled with mishaps, but we never messed up with food. We never ate Japanese food. It was beautiful, and it ended with frozen yogurt. When I didn't see hear the Japanese or see the pachinko parlors outside, I could almost pretend I was back in LA!

A tasty ending to a fruitful trip 😉 (har har har)


FINALLY all the posts are up from Okinawa! Next up – Hiroshima and Thailand!!

~ by C on January 11, 2010.

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