24:00:00 – The Road to Thailand

Hola! Er, konbanwa! ( good evening). I am back from Thailand in one piece, or at least 3 pieces (I’m still looking for a few). It was an incredible trip, albeit an exhausting one, both physically and emotionally. It’s draining to be so joyful and passionate. There were ups and downs – mainly ups – and I journaled about all of them. Over the next few days, I’ll turn my journal from the trip into my blog posts. Some of you already know the major conflict and climax of my story – (spoiler alert): I had everything of value I had on me stolen while I was on Koh Phi Phi (island). In that mix was my camera, so I’m sad to say that these posts fall short in the “pictures or it didn’t happen” category. To that extent, I guess you’ll just have to trust me that it did. 🙂 I’ll use pictures from google and other friends’ travels as much as I can! Hope you enjoy my journey as much as I did!


December 21, 2009

10:14pm on a train from Hikari to Iwakuni

It just occurred to me that the original reason people tucked their pants into their boots was to keep them out of the snow and dry.




I glanced at a poster on the train and for a brief second thought I was in LA. I had to blink to readjust my reality.



How to get to Thailand:

Step 1: train to Iwakuni – 10:10pm

Step 2: find the bus stop – 30 min

Step 3: take the night bus to Osaka – 11:26pm

Step 4: either figure out the trains to the airport or find the Osaka Hilton and take the airport bus – 7:30am

Step 5: train/bus to airport (the bus leaves at 7:56am)

Step 6: find terminal/airline (Thai Airways) – really hope there’s no line (should be @ airport by 9:10am)

Step 7: Flight leaves at 11am

Step 8: arrive in Bangkok at 3:30pm

I’ve successfully made it to Step 3. I started to worry about steps 4-6 as I wrot ethem, but there’s not a whole lot I can do so…

This bus is awesome. I wonder if it’s actually awesome or if I’m jus twildly night bus illiterate. God (Buddha?) knows I’m everything else illiterate in this country. Right as I thought that, I looked up and the seat in front of me has a cloth thing draped over it with the seat number on it, and it says, “shi-to be ru to.” It took me the entire last, full three minutes to uncode that and only just now as I am writing this do I understand that it means, “seat belt.” How much I have to learn…

So this bus is awesome. There is a footrest, a pillow, a blanket and even night slippers. The seat leans way back, it’s clean like Japan and the gentle roar of the engine is like a sweet lullaby. I need to ride these more often!

I’m nervous for this trip. Partially because I’m alone and mostly because I don’t know my right from my left. Finding where I need to be for the (calculates) 800 bus and train and planes I need to catch over the next 12 days is going to be terrifying. I’m also nervous because I know it’s going to go so fast. I booked this trip months ago, bu tit’s already here. It scares me how fast life goes by (obligatory cliched comment groan). But it’s gone by super duper fast since I’ve been in Japan. It goes by so fast sometimes, especially in the happiest times, that it’s like I almost need the hard, low times to stay grounded. Life was easier to fully feel when things were a little harder. That must sound as mixed up as it feels.

Right now I don’t feel ery grounded – jetsetting to Thailand for Christmas. Is it possible to stay who you are but have the experiences of a life not yours?

That all said, I can’t wait for this trip. My life is taking me by storm – it’s blowing my mind how incredible it is. These things I’m doing – in Japan and now outside of it – are precious and rare, and what will never change is how much I respect and appreciate them.

I’m writing by the light of my cell phone now, and the sound of the lullaby engine is mixed with gentle snoring beside me. I think that’s my bedtime cue. I will dream of an airport attendant saying, “To the left ma’am,” and me not turning right. Thailand awaits.

G’night. See you on the other side.


Thailand: I planned to visit Bangkok , Chiang Mai, Phuket and Koh Phi Phi (not shown – a tiny island south of Phuket off the Andaman coast)

The lopsided, makeshift, maybeifithappens itinerary (from December 22-January 1):

December 22-23: Bangkok – the capital

December 23 – night train to Chiang Mai

December 24-26 – Chiang Mai (northern city known for trekking, elephant reserves, Thai tribes, rolling mountains and friendly people)

December 26 – night bus to Bangkok

December 27 – flight to Phuket  – day/night in Patong (biggest city on the island of Phuket)

December 28 – 31 – Koh Phi Phi

December 31 night – Bangkok

January 1 – fly back to Osaka

January 1 -4 – Osaka

January 5 – Hikari City and back to work

*pictures from google images. no rights.


Next post: 24:00:00 – The Road to Thailand continues

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