Overheard in Chiang Mai: A Love Story

“Love is beautiful” – It’s engraved on a wooden plaque hanging above the tequila shelf of the bar where I’m having a jolly Christmas Long Island; Thailand is always out of egg nog.

As I stare at it, the background noise becomes the foreground noise, and the couple seated next to me is bickering.

“Has this trip been taxing for you?” she asks, but it’s more like a demand.

The man next to her looks to be about four feet shorter than she is, but I admit it could be the unusually small bar chair… or the condemnation in her voice shrinking him.

“Well, there have been taxing moments, like – “

“When?” she interrupts, another demand.

“How can you ask me that question?” He’s not being so careful now. “You know when. That night at the restaurant when – “

“That wasn’t taxing.” She’s shaking her head, telling him. I was excited to hear what happened at the restaurant, but the conversation is over.

This trip has never been taxing for him.

I take another sip of my mistake drink (I ordered a margarita and 5 liquors later got a Long Island) and look back up at the plaque with a smile.

“Yes,” I think. “Love is beautiful… from afar.”

~ by C on April 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Overheard in Chiang Mai: A Love Story”

  1. I absolutely love this. I overheard a similar conversation at a coffee shop a couple weeks ago. I put my book down, it was so compelling. I miss you.

  2. If only love were as beautiful as coffee shops, right? I would be in a new love every other week.

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