Poop and Petals

A day under the cherry blossoms,

my car is covered in bird droppings.

I’m chirping with happiness –

spring is finally here.

The first weekend of sakura (cherry blossom) “season” was two weeks ago. I say “season” with quotes because it really only lasts a little longer than a week – at the end of March through the very beginning of April – but it’s referred to as a season. As Callie articulated this weekend – “the blossoms are like a metaphor for life.” The blossoms bloom, and it’s all beautiful for a moment and then they’re gone, fluttering into the wind. Everything’s really only a moment in time, philosophically, but these blossoms are quite literally only a moment in time. Blink and you will miss them.

So this first weekend, before the blossoms were fully bloomed, I met up with my friends Kris and Eric in Iwakuni. It’s said that Iwakuni is the best place in all of Yamaguchi prefecture to see the cherry blossoms, and it was beautiful. (I went back last weekend when they were fully bloomed – and there will be pictures on the next post from that trip!) We hiked up a few trails, saw some of the shrines and took a ton of “Senior Photos with Sakura” pictures. These next few posts will be picture heavy. I can’t get enough of cherry blossom season! The entire country is pretty in pink.

I call it the Boulevard of Cherry Blossoms

I call it the Boulevard of Cherry Blossoms

let the senior photos begin! Eric was big pimpin, posin with all the ladies.

We rang the bell outside the shrine, and I put money in the, uh, box thing and took a fortune. With Kris and Eric's kanji reading powers combined, we think we have good fortune to look forward to! Here, Kris and Eric and tying the fortune on one of the cherry blossom trees so it will come true.

We found little trails as we walked up the mountain, and one of them led us to this serene park.

Forget writing, I'm destined to be a senior photo photographer... in Japan.

Kris and me. KIT! BFFs! Luv Always N 4ever!

Every trail we wandered down led us somewhere picturesque. This was right outside a small shrine that was hosting some sort of wedding or funeral. Nobody was there, but ceremonial relics were set up, and we took a peek in. It was beautiful. So was this scene.

My best owl face


View from where we hiked on the mountain

At the kentaikyo bridge, the most famous spot in Yamaguchi-ken to see cherry blossoms.


~ by C on April 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Poop and Petals”

  1. why are you so cute?

  2. because I’m friends with you, duhh. I learn from the best!

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