Who is JET Cyndi?

In a crazy turn of events, I now live in Japan!

I boarded a double-decker plane headed to the other side of the world seven months after graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After graduation, I completed an editorial internship in Los Angeles at Ms. magazine then worked for its publisher- Feminist Majority Foundation.

Now, I am an ALT – assistant english language teacher – in Hikari city, Yamaguchi prefecture through JET (Japan exchange and teaching program). My students call me Shindi-sensei, but you can call me Cyndi. I’m functionally illiterate, don’t eat seafood and am entirely clueless about “J-Pop” (Japanese pop culture), but when life throws you an adventure and a challenge, you bow and say thanks, right?! …and then blog about it all, of course!


2 Responses to “Who is JET Cyndi?”

  1. I am excited to see pictures!!!

  2. Hi! I enjoyed reading your latest post on Ms. Blog. Thanks!
    I miss discussing feminsim/politics/society… so if you come in to Tokyo and would like to have a chat and drinks with another friendly feminist – drop me a line!

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